Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs



The catechism, offered in a question-and-answer format, is found in the back of the Book of Common Prayer (pp. 845-862) and helps teach the foundational truths of the Christian faith.

“It is a commentary on the creeds, but is not meant to be a complete statement of belief and practices; rather, it is a point of departure for the teacher.” 
(Book of Common Prayer, p. 844).


Topics addressed in the Catechism include:

  • Human Nature
  • God the Father
  • The Old Covenant
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Sin and Redemption
  • God the Son
  • The New Covenant
  • The Creeds
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Scriptures
  • The Church
  • The Ministry
  • Prayer and Worship
  • The Sacraments
  • Holy Baptism
  • The Holy Eucharist
  • The Christian Hope

You can read the entire Catechism on the Book of Common Prayer Online.