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2017 Bible Challenge

For those of you who are current, you will complete the challenge on Monday, February 13, and for that I congratulate you! You have taken an incredible journey through the bible and I hope that you feel your life is better for undertaking the challenge. I trust that you found reading the bible each day enjoyable as well as educational and that you walk away having really learned something new. If you (like me) are not current, I urge you to take this time to catch up and to complete the challenge by the end of February. I understand fully how life can get in the way of your reading and that we can fall behind. Don’t give up, keep up the challenge and see it through!

Now, for the fun part … it is time to start the Bible Challenge for 2017. This is for those of you who were not able to participate last year as well as for those who did. If you did participate, gear up and start over! We must continue to fill ourselves with the Word of God each and every day. I assure you as you read again, you will discover things that you did not see last year, you will find new insight and new details. I urge you to challenge yourself to read the bible again this year! If you did not get to participate, now is the time to commit to 2017.

We will begin on Monday March 6th (the first Monday in Lent). The challenge is out and it is time for you to once again take it up and go forward! To those going on the pilgrimage, you can STILL read while you are in Israel, just because you are in anther country does not mean you can not read while there!!

It’s up to you … the 2017 Bible Challenge will begin March 6 …. are you ready?????

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2017 Bible Challenge Weekly Reading Schedule


 2016 Blog Posts:

2016 Bible Challenge Weekly Reading Schedule