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Updates From Hurricane Harvey

Our inventory:

Our parish grounds were mildly affected, with the most significant damage occurring in the rain-overwhelmed roof of the sacristy.  Insurance adjustor has surveyed damage to the sacristy and mild damage to Krist Hall parquet flooring and we are waiting for quote from insurance.  We will likely need to change the structure of the sacristy roof to prevent further heavy rain damage.

Six parishioners took on water during Harvey and the church coordinated and assisted in mucking out their homes, along with the homes of numerous community and family members, Howard Ward Park in Nassau Bay, and members of other Episcopal parishes in our area.  Flooded families continue to receive assistance as desired from parish volunteers.

Our response to date:

-More than fifteen truckloads of donated relief supplies to shelters in our area.

-Neighborhood clean-up, mucking of parishioner families, friends, and more than $2000 raised for Episcopal Relief and Development’s Harvey Relief Efforts in Clear Lake through the Holy Smokers’s breakfast on September 10.

-Community coordination to help supplies reach appropriate relief and distribution agencies and mesh with other service organizations, sacred and secular, in all phases of rescue, relief, and reconstruction.

-Inventory and deployment of parishioners skills, willingness, and abilities through St Thomas and other community relief efforts.

-Volunteers to explain and work alongside insurance claims from flood, wind, or other storm damage.

-Ongoing support of ICM’s food pantry, a disaster relief hub.

-Educational childcare to the community through St Thomas School for parents during CCISD’s two week hiatus.

-Pastoral care and counseling, including special Eucharist and one on one prayer.

-Fall Festival proceeds, exceeding $15,000, ear-marked for Harvey relief and to be distributed by November 11.

Ways we can continue to help:

-Ongoing deployment of parishioners through disaster response inventory.

-Ongoing support of ICM pantry, Nearly New thrift shop, deployment of our building.

Thanks to all for an enjoyable fall festival that raised at least $15,000 for local Harvey relief.  For the latest ways to serve in our community, follow our relief page on facebook at St. Thomas the Apostle Facebook Page dedicated to Hurricane Harvey.



The monthly ladies dinner group BLAST will meet on Nov 20…stay tuned to where those ladies will be headed.

Study of John remains accepting…

On Thursday mornings at ten for an hour in the Narthex. please feel free to join a yearlong intensive Bible study, which began in September but remains accepting, exploring the Gospel of John, facilitated by Judy Lucas. Participants need a workbook ($25), a Bible (we have spares if you need one!), and an open heart and mind. Please contact Judy with questions or enthusiasm at: or 713-882-9267

Easter Egg Hunt Result

As a result of the Easter Egg Hunt, $79 was donated to Inter-Faith Caring Ministries, $55 was donated to Bay Area Habitat for Humanity and $88 was donated to Bay Area Pet Adoptions! Thanks to everyone who participated in this wonderful event. Valerie Estis blessed it with her work and God blessed it with His presence.